About Me

I am a creative photographer, designer & artist

You don’t create a photograph with just a camera. You combine all the places you have traveled, all the books you have read, all the music you have heard, and all the people you have loved.

I am a huge fan of the world’s beauty. I soak it in. All of it. Savoring every precious moment like a fine Riesling.
You see, immersing yourself in the beauty of the world brings enlightenment and adventure, achieving a state of deep happiness and warmth. Like flying through clouds turning dark and light from sunshine and shadow.
Whether I am capturing blustery shorelines when the sun isn’t quite ready to set or locking in sassy portraits of colorful individuals with a slightly rebellious nature, this is how I see the world.

Client Experience: Throughout my creative life, I have worked with Lexus, Toyota, Land Rover, Infiniti, Acura, Hilton Family Hotels, Kawasaki, Taco Bell Corp., Western Digital and many others.

Giving Back: My brother is an optometrist. Every year he takes his staff and a team of volunteers somewhere in the world to help those in need to see better. I am honored to be a part of Lion’s Insights, and I look forward to this spiritual adventure each and every year. Please visit www.lionsinsight.org for more info.